On Some Motifs (paravent)
2017, oiled bird’s eye maplewood veneer on gabon plywood, brass, 180x60x210cm

Presented with the fair’s ‘Premio’ award by a panel composed of Claudia Segura Campins (Curator, Bogotá), Chris Sharp (Curator, Lulu, Mexico City), Suzanne Cotter (Director, Serralves Museum, Porto), Adrienne Drake (Critic & Curator, Roma), Natalia Valencia (Curator, Bogotá), Alejandra Villasmil (Venezuela) and Éricka Flórez (Artist & Curator, Colombia)

ARCO Madrid: OPENING Drop City, Düsseldorf/Newcastle
22 — 26 February 2017

ARCOmadrid was set up immediately in the post-Franco era, as the first cultural phenomenon that introduced post-modernism and pluralism to Spain. As such it occupies a special place in Spanish culture, and has consistently had a very strong educational and curatorial element. With this history the fair performs a unique local role.

Drop City was invited to the OPENING section by curators Juan Canela and Stefanie Hessler to present a two person show with Eleanor Wright and Nadia Hebson.

Although distinct in their outputs, Eleanor Wright and Nadia Hebson share a conceptual conceit, which questions how a visual and textual enquiry might take place that explores the relationship between made objects and research. Both realise work that resists the privileging of one over the other, instead the space between these and other concerns becomes the focus of interest: Wright has described this as a gathering of relations. Frequently working with oblique or less considered histories, what emerges from their individual constellations is an attention to the process of thinking and the suggestion of alternate forms through which to conduct this enquiry.