Catcher Pressure Pusher
2016, felt, lighting rigs,
various dimensions

Developed as a mutable setting for the series of events programmed by Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects, Catcher Pressure Pusher takes the choreographed space that we negotiate every single day as a starting point. Very much positioned within the larger programme of live events, the installation itself consists of a number of over-sized and human-scale architectural sculptures. Assembled from theatrical rigging and cut pieces of felt, the work moderates the relationships within the space which, as such, dissolves distinctions between stage, set, performers and audience and is instead conceived as one shared space.

The sculptural choreography reacts to the particularities of each space within the programme and what the performers and viewers bring with them each night. It is animated through the participation of people. Within this arena, the installation generates spaces and situations that allude to both theatrical and architectural sceneries while remaining essentially abstract. During the events the sculptures can be accessed and used by everyone in the room for example as a protective screen, a meeting point, an obstacle or a support structure, to name a few. Catcher Pressure Pusher distributes the attention across the room conjugating a variety of parallel aesthetic experiences rather than pointing towards a singular centre of attention.
Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects

World is Sudden: Part I
Berwick Film and Media Festival
24 September 2016
Incorporating performances by Giles Bailey, Kathryn Elkin, Rene McBrearty and Terry, with videos by Susie Green & Simon Bayliss, SIMPSONWAVE and Sofia Coppolla

International Print Biennale
7,8,9 October 2016

World is Sudden: Part II
TUSK Festival
14 October 2016
Incorporating performances and video by Torbjørn Rødland, Cheryl Donegan, Dane Law, Giles Bailey, Mia La Metta, Sarah Kenchington