Eleanor Wright (°1984)
Lives and works in Düsseldorf (DE) and Newcastle (UK)

Represented by Petra Rinck Galerie

Curatorial Project Drop City


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Selected Exhibitions & Projects
•   Solo exhibition Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf (upcoming)
•   A Gradual Stiffening M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp
•   A Pattern Language South London Gallery, London
•   Choreography Arcade, London (Group)
•   Warming Up Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf (Group)
•   ARCOmadrid PREMIO Award, Madrid
•   World Is Sudden Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects/Berwick Film & Arts Festival (Group)
•   Arena British School of Archeology, Athens
•   Roßstrasse 68 (learning from Ella Steigelman) Drop City, Düsseldorf
•   Drop City Centre Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle (Group)
•   On Some Motifs (hanging) Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
•   SO Mauve, Vienna (Group)
•   Art Lending Library NGCA, Sunderland (Group)
•   Graphics Interchange Format Focal Point Gallery, Southend (Group)
•   Foam NGCA, Sunderland (Group)
•   Continuous Material Drop City, Newcastle
•   Continuous Material Durham Castle Museum, Durham
•   Soft Start The Northern Charter, Newcastle
•   Tuned Cities BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle
•   Thin Cities Gallery North, Newcastle
  American Mountains Grand Union, Birmingham (Group)
•   Kodachrome LimaZulu, London (Group)
•   Mister Mercer Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Wrexham
•   An Athens City Reader Artist Book published by MHKA, Antwerp & Drop City
•   Mousse Magazine Tom Hopkins
•   ATP Diary Matteo Mottin
•   Continuous Material Artist Book published by Drop City
•   Soft Start Artist Book published by AND London
•   This is tomorrow Josh Wilson
Public Commissions and Collections
    Wellcome Library London
    South London Gallery London
    Pioneer Health Centre London
    Durham Castle Museum UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durham
    Hotel Ufer Düsseldorf
•    Durham Castle Museum UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durham
•    Southbank London
Selected Awards, Grants & Residencies
•   Helsinki International Artists’ Programme, residency
•   ARCOmadrid PREMIO Award
•   Arts Council England Individual Grant for the Arts Award
•   Fondation Mercier Villa Ruffieux, Switzerland, residency
•   The Elephant Trust, production grant
•   British School at Athens Prince of Wales Artist Fellowship
•   Liverpool Biennial International Showcasing, nominated and shortlisted
•   Cove Park, Scotland, residency
•   Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures (CVAC) Durham University Research Grant
•   Chisenhale Gallery Create Commission, nominated and shortlisted
•   BxNU BALTIC Institute of Contemporary Art, travel scholarship
•   Warwick Stafford Research Fellowship in the Arts
•   Duveen Travel Scholarship
•   Kenneth Armitage Foundation Young Sculptors Award
•   Red Mansion Art Prize, nominated
    Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
•    Slade School of Art, London
•    Chelsea College of Art, London

Eleanor Wright

A central topic in Wright’s work is the exploration of architecture and the question as to what architecture can be, in relation to the body, and its role in the materialising of culture. As such, Wright’s work not only references architecture but also design, textiles and their wider relationships with society, community and spatial relations. These interrelated areas – embedded in similar economies of time – result in a practice that resists classification as model, furniture, sculpture, installation or textile pattern design. Instead, her work accentuates the dialogic potential of material, place and interaction.

The conventional separation of art, architecture and design blurs, and Wright’s practice seeks to ‘learn’ from the histories and current uses from within all of these fields, believing that it is these areas of intermediate space which results in the shared experience of culture; a space which has no boundaries and in which you can decide for yourself what is in front of you.

Like many architects who have created objects that were not simply objects of utility but also told stories about stories, for their part, were read differently over the decades, it is always important within Wright’s practice that an object has the potential to transform into something else. Working with a multitude of references from architecture, design, and the culture materialised around us in society - it is the innovative form and function that a found pattern, system, material or design takes in the city or society which interests Wright. These patterns are often then transformed into systems and variable structures, drawing parallels in the approach of historic architects and designers in how the body is approached in the process of making an object, often creating works that function among / between people in their display.

Eleanor Wright/Sam Watson

Since 2013 Wright has collaborated with curator and designer Sam Watson. Using the collaborative moniker Eleanor Wright/Sam Watson when producing projects, they draw on a shared interest in the broadly termed 'built environment' and the roles of authorship, collaboration and perception within artistic production. Using choreographed arrangements of both constructed and curated elements, their projects aim to shape an exchange in relation to the medium of exhibition making and their own associated web of social relations, personal artefacts and spatial-temporal contexts. They are interested in treating their individual practices as a collaborative praxis, developing a framework that is built through collaboration and dialogue with others: peers, experts, publics.

Drop City

In 2014, together with Watson, Wright established the exploratory gallery model and platform Drop City. Drop City’s often peripatetic and collaborative programme explores the gaps and potential plasticity between several models of exhibition space.