A Gradual Stiffening (Rea)2017, acoustic speaker cloth, wave track system, steel mounts, two-channel projection, two-channel audio, various dimensions

'RIDDLE&LUST Action for voice, text & electronics’
Performance by Christian Jendreiko

A Gradual Stiffening
M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp 6 August — 15 October 2017

A Gradual Stiffening is an ongoing project which Eleanor Wright utilises to shape her ideas into artworks. This title references a ‘pattern’ within the philosophical and practical building manual A Pattern Language (published 1977), which suggests that flexibility within building practices should be maintained into the very last stages, analogously described as the ‘gradual stiffening’ process of weaving a basket.

Composed in the space between looking and making, A Gradual Stiffening draws together imagery and sounds that explore subjects of civic life through the lens of two buildings designed and built by the unknown Athenian structural engineer Yiannis Kontodimas: the vacant Rea Shopping Centre and an apartment building which is also his home.

Throughout 2016 Wright spent time in Athens exploring the city, the legacy of its histories and its current state of economical and political crisis. A Gradual Stiffening considers the narratives we tell about the histories of civilisations and the histories of human beings in their individual and collective identities.