On Some Motifs (hanging)
2016, felt, copper, polyamide,
190cm x 250cm

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
25 — 31 January 2016

Eleanor Wright’s On Some Motifs (hanging) series draws on the visual language of the built environment and allegorical costume design. The assembled materials used in the series of wall-hanging works include polyamide coated steel door handles which are a familiar component of public and private spaces in Germany and the EUREGIO. The interactive and invitational handles represent a key moment of contact for city and denizen, forming a kind of interface object. This is a perceptible concept which Wright regularly returns through her use of materials. The fabric used approximates the form and design of the costumes designed by Henri Matisse for Ballet Russes’ 1920 production of Le Chant du Rossignol and the 1937 production of Rouge et Noir. Also, they draw upon his designs for the chasubles worn by the priests of the Chapel of the Rosary of the Dominicans at Vence, part of a large-scale commission he undertook between 1948 and 1952. Referencing these worn garments not only suggests the performative nature of Wright’s work, even when in stasis, but also the significance of processes of transposition.

Thomas Hopkin 2017