On Some Motifs (Rea)
2017, printed textiles 
fitted curtains

Works in-situ
Drop City, Düsseldorf
at Lierenfelder Str. 39

from 31 August 2017

Drop City presents three newly commissioned curtains by the artists Magdalena Kita, Sophie Macpherson and Eleanor Wright. The new works in-situ are conceived as a site-specific response to the new location of Drop City in Düsseldorf – the workplace and home of its co-founders Eleanor Wright and Sam Watson.

Manifesting on only an occasional basis, the programme will take place against a backdrop of the live/work space and an evolving personal collection of accumulated objects and artworks. Each event or presentation will provide a different temporal experience, a different intensity and a different possibility for interaction. The partitioning curtains will form an adaptable framework for the upcoming programme, enabling the space to freely transition between a living, working and showing environment.